Jason Freedman: How to get a job in Silicon Valley

Jason Freedman’s article is aimed at MBAs looking for jobs or internships with Silicon Valley tech startups, but is good advice for anyone doing the same.  To selectively copy and paste from his article:

2. Read the startup’s blog and add to the discussion with insightful comments

3. Follow the founders on Twitter and RT [retweet] and @respond when appropriate

4. Engage with the general startup community: Build up your twitter account, blog readership, and Hacker News karma score

5. Learn the startup’s actual challenges by talking to people in advance of requesting an internship

7. Do an unsolicited proof-of-abilities project in photoshop or balsamiq [or Mockingbird] if you want to be product manager

9. Be respectful but uber-persistant

10. Move to where you want to work

12. Get other founders to highly recommend you

13. Throw away your resumes and cover letters–they’re no longer needed.”

For programmers, an addendum to #4 is to develop your github page.  A public record of your coding projects and involvement with various open source projects is much more valuable than a resume and cover letter, and perhaps even references.  It is the ultimate ‘Show, don’t tell’.

In a nutshell, the old rules no longer apply.  Resume and cover letter are out, doing and networking are in.  Doing = demonstrate your ability in some publicly viewable forum like Github or Google Code, or with a sophisticated website.  Networking = both physical and virtual, be where you want to work both online and in the real world.

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